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Gifted Live Comedian

Angela B. Nacca is a gifted female comedian who loves sharing her life experiences with audiences in live comedy shows. She's lived a full life and has a unique perspective, which lends itself to her fun, often irreverent material. Quick-witted delivery and exceptional storytelling ensures audiences truly engage during her sets, and she's always on time for an appearance ensuring your audience is happy throughout the performance.

Angela With Her Freinds

For Love Of the Stage

Angela truly enjoys working on a stage. She's comfortable in front of people and loves the energy audiences generate during a show. To her, there's nothing equal to the feeling of making an entire room laugh with a well-crafted joke and skilled delivery. She's worked in dive bars and larger events, and continued to evolve material that includes topics such as children, parenthood, and a long marriage without jail time, as well as the challenges of menopause and aging as a woman in America. The stories and delivery are sure to delight audiences of (almost) all ages!

Inspiration & Drive

Angela finds her inspiration and her drive in the comedians who came before her and the audiences that love her work. She's inspired by John Pinnette, Cotie Fields, and Brian Reagan, among others. More importantly, she keeps working and improving because she loves the laughter form the audience, and she has a good time helping her audience have a good time. There's no better medicine than laughter, and she loves sharing that with her fans and new audiences alike.


Angels is available to feature before any headliner. Rates range from $75 to $500 for a set up to 25 minutes long, depending on time and venue. For more information and availability, please contact her office.

Angela Nacca
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